Our Management


Mrs. Kazi Mehazabin Momtaz A person with wisdom and belief pursuing the best output with available resource. Honesty and affection is her priceless asset of life which is the inspiration for the company staffs. A respected and carng mother of tow children is equally mother to all the members of D&S
Managing Director

Md. Zahangir Alam the group Managing Director  as not only the facilitator but also as the business analyst and strategist whose academic excellence in the streams of commerce, business administration, law and techno-commercial expertise in the garment industry helps to achieve the customer's almost satisfaction. Under his able, dynamic, determined guidance and leadership , well qualified highly experienced and motivated team of quality auditors,  technicians, logistics executives shares the responsibilities and merchandising to deliver the best to our customers round the clock.
Marketing Director

Lucio Fernandez as Marketing Director with a great experience in the textile sector not only develops commercial labors in Spain and South America , but also given to his great academic studies and experience in the area of design, he provides added value to the product. He also has got a board experience in them management having been chief of product and designing in one of the most important companies in this sector. He also offers acquired knowledge as analyst in the balance of lines in textile production, analyst in method and times and technician in clothing making-up